Upcoming Hybrid Cloud Webinar Series Features Mark Russinovich and Brad Anderson

Upcoming Hybrid Cloud Webinar Series Features Mark Russinovich and Brad Anderson

Microsoft is big on the Hybrid Cloud and is one of the few vendors that take customer decisions into account when providing Cloud services. Google, Apple, Amazon and others offer an all-or-nothing approach, forcing their customers to host everything in a publicly hosted datacenter that exists completely outside of the on-premise infrastructure. For many companies, the Public Cloud is not an option. The Hybrid Cloud serves to bridge on-premise and off-premise Cloud services, allowing customers to take advantage of both where it makes sense.

To help get a good understanding of what the Hybrid Cloud really is and how Microsoft envisions it, a new webinar series is about to start up, aptly named the Hybrid Cloud Series. Episode one kicks off on Thursday, April 17th, 2014 and runs from 10am-11am PDT.

The first episode features a couple speakers, well known in the Microsoft Cloud circles. Brad Anderson, Microsoft Corporate Vice President and TechEd keynoter, joins Mark Russinovich, best-selling author, inventor of Sysinternals, and Microsoft Technical Fellow, to deliver a basic approach to the Hybrid Cloud as Microsoft sees it.

The series will lead up to TechEd 2014 and will provide valuable preparation for those attending Microsoft's IT Pro and Developer conference.

Register here: Hybrid Cloud Series - Episode One

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