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Tech to Developers: The Future's In Machine Learning

Two high-profile developer gatherings this week underscored the tech industry's inexorable push toward AI in everything. Also this week: Just two U.S. states account for 90% of security breaches and it's a good time to be a collaboration software developer.

It was a big week for developers, with both Google I/O and Microsoft Build taking place.  Here's our coverage on Build:

Microsoft's Azure Machine Learning Tools Aim to Boost AI in the Enterprise  -- New tools for Azure AI aim at making the process of developing and deploying new tools for developers and data scientists, business domain experts, and IT experts who want to upskill to AI and machine learning.

Microsoft Developer Conference Shows Where Cloud Opportunity is Headed  -- Build 2019, the Microsoft developer conference, shows us how influential this audience has become.

Microsoft Build 2019: More of the New Microsoft Approach  -- One of the things that's disappeared during Satya Nadella’s leadership as CEO: the sunk cost fallacy as a business development model. Microsoft continues to take an approach that making mistakes isn't the problem -- refusing to learn from them is.

Microsoft Announces HoloLens 2 Developer Edition Ahead of Build  -- Microsoft's second generation mixed reality device is now available for order, launching the developer rush to begin making applications for firstline workers at their organizations.

Microsoft Blockchain Service Targets Permissioned Blockchain Deployments  -- The Microsoft blockchain portfolio has grown with the preview of Azure Blockchain Service.

Microsoft Edge Browser (Chromium) Updates Announced at Build  -- New updates are coming to the Microsoft Edge browser as work continues to incorporate the Chromium rendering engine in a refresh of the company’s latest web browser.

And the must-read stories on Google I/O:

Google Privacy Pitch at I/O Heralds Firmer Grip on Android — The internet giant will try to convince the world it’s a responsible steward of all that information. To make that case, Google will first have to fix Android, a mobile operating system that’s wildly popular but hobbled by security flaws.

Google's Upgraded Digital Assistant Brings Privacy Trade-Offs — Google unveiled a slew of new privacy features at its annual developer conference on Tuesday, but the internet giant also gave users new reasons to give the company even more of their personal information.

Google Starts I/O Conference With Assistant, Privacy Updates — Much of the initial presentation made by Google executives at the opening session focused on AI features meant to simplify daily tasks, such as booking a rental car or screening calls.


SendBird, a company that makes a software infrastructure that allows any app to offer services like VoIP calls, messaging, group chats, or file sharing, just closed another $102 million in funding. The uptick in investor interest is a signal that collaborative workspace tools are perceived as a growth market.

Cybersecurity firm Risk Based Security says that 90% of all data breaches occur in one of two places: California or New York. Both states have high concentrations of the industries bad actors are targeting: software, finance, insurance, and health care.

The Linux Foundation announced a new industry-wide effort to create a common set of software required to “support the cities of tomorrow.” Uber, Facebook, Google, Here Technologies and IBM are all participating in the initiative meant to build open source tools that connect cities, autonomous vehicles, and smart infrastructure.

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