Resource: IT Operations On-Demand Webinar from Microsoft

Resource: IT Operations On-Demand Webinar from Microsoft

IT Operations and DevOps are becoming the new frontier when it comes to managing your on-premises and cloud infrastructure but if you do not get a handle on the processes involved it can very quickly becomes a 24 hours and seven days a week task.

If you are using elements of Microsoft Azure for your cloud services then their Operations Management Suite may be the solution that will tie everything together and give you better control over those systems from a monitoring and maintenance perspective,

Microsoft is offering a five day on-demand webinar that promises to help you learn how to save time managing all of these resources, centralizing your logs, and managing system patches across your supported hardware. They will also show you how to make sure your company is complying with all business related rules, regulations, and security measures that are necessary in today's fast paced connected world.

The four key areas this webinar will help you in are:

  • Collect real-time insights into mission critical issues
  • Analyze petabytes of data in a cloud environment
  • Spot problems faster
  • Enable continuous operations through automated fixes

If you are interested in viewing this webinar registration is required but you do gain immediate access to the course materials so that you can get started at anytime.


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