Free eBook on Hybrid Cloud Storage

Free eBook on Hybrid Cloud Storage

StorSimple. Remember them? I was reminded of this company recently and then realized I had forgotten that Microsoft acquired StorSimple in October of 2012. It's a shame getting older, you tend to forget more than you know.

StorSimple produced a network appliance for storage capacity that simplified data deduplication, automated tiered storage of data, data compression, and encryption. As part of Microsoft, StorSimple has retained its technology name and keeps its same great features, however, the technology now has been expanded to integrate Windows Azure capabilities.

Installed as an on-premise appliance, StorSimple can be configured to communicate with Windows Azure for automated data synchronization, giving companies the capability to keep copies of data offsite for backup, archive, and disaster recovery purposes.

A new, free eBook has been released, called Rethinking Enterprise Storage that talks about Hybrid Cloud storage (HCS) and how the StorSimple appliance is a perfect solution for companies wanting to take advantage of the Cloud for data growth, backup, off-site archiving, and data protection.

The book is written by Marc Farley. Marc comes to Microsoft from the StorSimple acquisition.

You can download the eBook after a brief registration: Rethinking Enterprise Storage

Read more about StorSimple: StorSimple cloud-integrated storage

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