Accenture Partners with Microsoft and Avanade for the Hybrid Cloud

Accenture Partners with Microsoft and Avanade for the Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft and Accenture today have announced a new partnership to hopefully spur more companies to consider Hybrid Cloud solutions for their infrastructures. The press release (HERE), does little to detail what we can expect from the relationship, but such is the case with partnerships like this. Most partnerships on this scale are a wait-and-see type of development – meaning, someone cooked-up a great idea and it sounds feasible, but only time will tell if it can be executed successfully.

So, after all the marketing and positioning messaging included with any announcement like this, here's what you can actually expect to see as part of this new relationship:

  • A solution that provides integrated capabilities, combining Microsoft Azure as the platform, Accenture Hybrid Cloud as the tools, and Avanade as the service provider. (Incidentally, Microsoft and Accenture partnered in 2000 to launch Avanade)
  • The Microsoft Cloud platform, which includes Windows Server, Hyper-V, System Center, and the Azure Pack.
  • Self-provisioning, a central dashboard for cloud brokerage and management, and security, governance, and reliability through the Accenture Cloud Platform.
  • Cloud and business transformation services provided through Accenture's knowledge and experience for migration and deployment.
  • Technical services for Microsoft technologies supplied by Avanade.
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