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Report Provides Insight into Achieving Multicloud Maturity

Multicloud-mature organizations outperform their peers in many critical business values. A new report offers a multicloud maturity model to help companies make better use of the cloud.

Organizations today are realizing that they are hitting an impasse with their storage and use of data in cloud environments.

Eighty-two percent of senior business leaders and IT decision-makers shared that their organization already uses 2+ public cloud infrastructure service providers, but in two years, 63% expect to be using 4 or more. However, the multicloud is complex for business leaders to navigate.

Therefore, Seagate has released its Multicloud Maturity Report, a report designed to provide insight to business leaders about how their cloud-savvy peers are using cloud infrastructure to drive innovation while also controlling costs in the cloud — and to gauge the resulting business benefits.

A well-functioning multicloud should be the ability for data workloads to be migrated on and off clouds and among different clouds in a frictionless manner and as needed — with no lock-in, no concern of throttling, and no penalties for pulling data off and moving workloads around. Understanding how these clouds can work together and putting in certain practices to ensure functionality means a business is more multicloud mature, which results in greatly improved valuations, faster time to market, and the ability to beat revenue goals.

Seagatemulticloud maturity equation

Created in conjunction with analyst firm ESG, the survey on which the report is based surveyed a spread of global business leaders and IT decision-makers to better understand organizations' storage, cloud, and data management capabilities. The results found that multicloud-mature organizations outperform their peers in many critical business values. They are more than 3× more likely to expect their companies' valuation to increase fivefold over the next 3 years, 6.3× more likely to go to market months or quarters ahead of their competition, almost 3× more likely to report that their organization is in a very strong business position, and able to beat their revenue goals by nearly twice as much as their less mature counterparts. 

In addition to providing a better understanding of the business value behind cloud operations, the report also offers a multicloud maturity model that organizations can utilize. This model outlines important steps any company can take to level up their use of the cloud as well as provides advice on how to accomplish cloud maturity. Companies that put data at the core of everything that they do are the ones who are able to scale successfully. Discovering how to utilize the valuable data in their possession allows for significant improvements to business health outcomes, such as revenues, profits, net promoter score, the ability to beat budgetary forecasts, and greater valuation projections.

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