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HP statement on the Windows Home Server data corruption issue

HP, which makes the Windows Home Server-based MediaSmart Server that I use and love, has issued the following statement regarding Microsoft's ongoing efforts to track down and fix the highly publicized Windows Home Server data corruption issue:

HP has been in close communication with Microsoft on the Windows Home Server data corruption issue. There are two points to remember: we are only aware of a small percentage of customers with confirmed instances of the issue, and it occurs only when utilizing certain programs on Home Server systems with more than one hard drive. We understand disappointment with the estimated June delivery of a fix. But we also understand the challenges MS faces in reproducing bugs that occur so infrequently, the complexity of finding the right solution, and the need to complete extensive testing to ensure the bug fix is done correctly. HP is working with MS and is providing engineering and test resources to expedite this fix. With all the complexities of various operating systems, numerous applications, the variety of networking components, and the layers of software on top of Drive Extender, the testing will, in our experience, take some time to complete. Until that time, HP recommends that all HP MediaSmart Server owners follow Microsoft’s recommendations to ensure their data remains safe. More information can be found on Microsoft’s web site.

It's worth noting, incidentally, that HP hasn't actually had anyone call in with this issue to their support line. I was also told that the data corruption issue isn't even a top five question from customers seeking support. This suggests to me that the issue is indeed rare, as the MediaSmart Server has to be the best-selling WHS solution that's currently available.

Personally, I'm disappointed that Microsoft has been so quiet about this problem. On the other hand, because of the way I utilize the server (i.e. I never directly edit anything on the WHS), I probably won't have any issues. Certainly, I haven't seen any data corruption issues so far.

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