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HP offers Amazon S3 and Apple Time Machine functionality to first-gen MediaSmart Server customers

As noted previously, HP is doing right by its early adopters. Today, the company made available two of the more recent features of its new Windows Home Server-based MediaSmart Servers to customers who purchased the first-gen (EX470/475) servers. Here are the details.

HP EX470/475 Amazon S3 & Apple Time Machine Downloads Now Available

As previously announced, owners of the EX470/475 MediaSmart Servers can now download two new applications for their Servers.  The online backup application allows customers to designate specific shared folders on their Server for secure upload to the Amazon S3 service.  Doing so provides an additional layer of data protection for the most important photos, documents and other files.

In addition, customers in mixed PC/Mac households can download an application allowing their EX470/475 MediaSmart Servers to backup their Macs running Time Machine. 

The most reliable way to get one or both of these updates for EX470/475 owners is as follows:

1) Go to
2) On the home page go to the bottom right hand corner where it says "Software & Driver Downloads" and click the link
3) In the text box enter in either EX470 or EX475 and then press the "Enter" key on the keyboard
4) Choose “Server 2003” to locate both packages -customers have the option to download one or both applications
5) Installation instructions are available for both applications by clicking the “view directions” link

Please note that both of these applications are already included on the current generation MediaSmart Server products (LX195, EX485, EX487) and do not need to be downloaded.

We thank everyone for their continued support of the MediaSmart Server products.

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