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How Mac fanatics see the world

I saw this story mentioned on Macsurfer today and smiled immediately. Because it occurred to me that Mac fanatics--you know, the crazy ones, not Mac users--would completely disagree with its opening assertion:

Corporate Comebacks: Apple

In 1997, Apple was teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Ten years later, in 2008, it had $24 billion in sales and a total market value of $108 billion -- more than that of McDonald's, Merck and Goldman Sachs.

So. What's wrong with this?

Nothing, if your life is defined by the boundaries of reality. But if you Think Different (tm)--i.e., you're a Mac fanatic--your reaction would be the following:

That is COMPLETE BULLS#$T!!! Apple was never teetering on the brink of bankruptcy! That is history rewriting, and we should start an online petition to prevent the author of this article from ever writing about Apple again!

Yeah. They really do think like that. :)

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