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How to Give IE 9 Beta the IE 9 PP6 Internals

Loving the Internet Explorer 9 Beta but wish you could use the stunning new UI in tandem with the internal bits from the latest Platform Preview, PP6? Microsoft sent along instructions last week, but they got lost in my email. So here you go:

1. Install IE9 Beta on your machine. You can download the IE9 Beta here.

2. Install Internet Explorer Platform Preview 6. You can download the Platform Preview 6 here.

3. Create a folder on your Desktop called IE9_PP6.

4. Copy the iexplore.exe file from the C:/Program Files/Internet Explorer directory (or C:/Program Files (x86)/Internet Explorer if you are on a 64 bit machine) to the IE9_PP6 folder.

5. Create a folder inside IE9_PP6 called iexplore.exe.local (Note: It is imperative that you name this folder exactly as specified).

6. Navigate to the Internet Explorer Platform Preview directory within Program files (commonly on 32 bit machines this will be at C:/Program Files/Internet Explorer Platform Preview and on 64 bit machines this will be at C:/Program Files (x86)/Internet Explorer Platform Preview).

7. Copy the contents of the iepreview.exe.local folder within the Internet Explorer Platform Preview directory to the iexplore.exe.local folder within IE9_PP6.

8. Close all instances of IE running on your machine and run iexplore.exe from IE9_PP6.

Microsoft says that this IE9 process will now have all the platform capabilities of Internet Explorer Platform Preview 6 with the user experience features of the IE9 Beta. Note that if you take these steps, the IE9 Beta browser will not be replaced by a newer version of IE9.

Note, too, that in order for the newly created IE process to run with the enhanced platform capabilities provided in Platform Preview 6, all prior IE windows must be closed before running the new IE process from the IE9_PP6 folder.

Have fun!

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