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Home from Vegas, Apple Earnings, Microsoft and Novell’s Patents, new Google Toolbar, More

Today: Home from Vegas, Apple earnings, Microsoft’s Novell patent purchase somewhat detuned, Google Toolbar 7 for IE, Amazon announces Kindle library lending, and Portal 2 ships….

Back home after a red-eye flight last night. Today is basically a lost day. (A couple of Vegas shots at the bottom of the post….)

Apple reported some stellar earnings but iPad (and, less surprising, iPod) sales fell short by a wide margin. I’ll have a news write-up in the morning after I have a chance to go over the post-earnings conference call.

Microsoft has agreed to some DOJ changes in its deal to purchase Novell patents.

Google today released Google Toolbar 7 for Internet Explorer. It appears to be cleaner by default (i.e. les tools loaded) and you can enable Google Instant for searches. Oh, and it does have a spell checker too. Download it now.

Amazon announced plans to bring Kindle lending from libraries, which should cut off one of the Nook’s few current advantages.

Portal 2 shipped this week. I’ve played through the first two parts so far. Awesome.

Some pictures from Vegas…

View from my hotel room, Bellagio

Spa tower, Bellagio

View from the 33rd floor of the Spa tower.

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