Fabric Engine Releases Platform for High-Performance Computing

Bring compiled performance to dynamic languages such as JavaScript or Python

Fabric Engine has launched the first version of its high-performance computing platform, Fabric Engine, which is now available to developers under the open-source Affero General Public License (AGPL). The platform leverages multi-core hardware to bring multi-threaded and compiled performance to dynamic languages such as JavaScript or Python.

Although dynamic languages are easy to use, performance can be slow compared to compiled languages such as C++. Traditionally, dynamic languages applications need to be rebuilt using compiled languages to provide adequate performance. With the Fabric Engine platform, applications can experience the same performance as multi-threaded C++ code, without losing the benefits that dynamic languages offer.

On the desktop, Fabric Engine is useful for high-performance applications, such as applications that are used for game development and animation projects. In addition, Fabric Engine is useful on the server and in the cloud by addressing computer-bound problems that require raw execution performance.

To download Fabric Engine, visit the company's download page. Developers that don't want use the AGPL license can contact a sales representative to request a commercial license.

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