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RISC-V and the Rise of Open Source Hardware Community

Open source software is clearly big business, as evidenced by recent billion-dollar acquisitions by IBM and Microsoft. Open source hardware could be the next big thing.

“Open source is eating everything, including hardware,” declared Joseph Jacks, founder and general partner at OSS Capital in a panel discussion at the Smart Home Summit, referencing billionaire VC Marc Andreessen’s oft-cited line that software is eating the world.

Several recent news items highlight that point. IBM has agreed to buy the Linux distributor Red Hat for $33.4 billion. Microsoft recently completed its acquisition of GitHub for $7.5 billion while also agreeing to make 60,000 of its patents open source to avoid Linux-based lawsuits. In the IoT landscape, Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry is an important player for edge-computing software while open source hardware consortium RISC-V is sparking collaboration for processors. RISC-V “changing the game for IoT processors,” as a headline in Embedded Computing Design put it.

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