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Halo 3 updates

So a year after Microsoft shipped Halo 3, its developer, Bunjie, is teasing people with information about a just-released Title Update 2 (TU2), which adds a number of new multiplayer-related achievements to the game, and an upcoming new mini-campaign, which has yet to be named. Here’s the info:


There are a lot of common questions surfacing in our forums in the wake of the recently released title update. In an effort to address these queries in one fell swoop, here is the official TU2 FAQ.  We will update this with new information as needed.

Q:  Bungie only talked about 10 achievements and 250 gamer points but shows many more achievements for Halo 3 now and a total of 750 new points to earn. What’s up with that?

A:  The work for the Halo 3 Title Update and the new achievements began long, long ago. At that time, we had one view of the future of Halo 3 and a general plan for how, when and where some of the remaining multiplayer maps would get released.  Those plans have since changed. We do have new maps still coming to Halo 3 but the release specifics are still being worked out with our partners.  We didn’t want to delay the release of TU2 as there are still a lot of cool things about it that do benefit players immediately so we decided to forge ahead.  The downside is that you now have to stare at mysterious achievements with no context until all is revealed at a later date. Rest assured though that they aren’t going anywhere, they will still be there, ready to be earned when the time is right.

Teaser Trailer

We hope you haven't dedicated too much time and stress to this 12-hour long countdown event.
We're excited to finally share this with you.
Enjoy this CG-teaser.

Um. OK.

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