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Cloudera creates Hadoop ecosystem

Cloudera creates Hadoop ecosystem

hadoop_0Cloudera, which recently launched an enterprise version of its platform solutions based on Apache Hadoop, has introduced a partner program designed to expand the universe of approved, certified hardware and software providers that support the company’s solution.

Hadoop is the open-source, highly scalable and economical data management platform on which such data behemoths as Google and Yahoo! are built. Cloudera was formed to develop and sell subscription-based software that would make the Hadoop configuration applicable in large enterprise IT environments—especially in data-heavy sectors like commercial banking, media, retail and the like.

The Cloudera Connect Partner Program will certify three levels of partners: certified technology partner, authorized reseller and authorized service provider. The program also offers content and resources, developer tools, technical support and training programs and sales and marketing resources designed to help enterprises accelerate solution integration with Apache Hadoop.

“It was clear that the ecosystem needed to be robust and responsive to customer needs,” said Kirk Dunn, COO of Cloudera.

Enterprise data information software provider Informatica is the first software vendor to be certified in the program, and Dell is the first hardware vendor. Dell is also a certified reseller for Cloudera.

“We allow our partners to self-certifiy,” Dunn said, adding that vendors can test and validate hardware and software for supportable operation within an Apache Hadoop cluster. Cloudera certified technologies will be validated to use supported APIs and to comply with current development guidelines for integration with Apache Hadoop.

Other parts of the program include a partner portal for resources related to Hadoop deployment and a showcase of Hadoop-based offerings that companies can peruse, along with training and marketing resources.

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