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Gurock Software Releases TestRail 2.2

Gurock Software, a provider of tools for software development teams, announced the release of TestRail 2.2, a new version of Gurock's web-based test management software. TestRail 2.2 introduces improved issue-tracker integration and comes with full support for several popular bug- and issue-tracking tools.

TestRail 2.2 ships with ready-to-use defect plug-ins for Jira, FogBugz, Bugzilla, Trac, YouTrack, and Gemini. Although TestRail can already be integrated with almost any web-based bug-tracking and project management solution, the new defect plug-ins improve testers' workflow by enabling them to accomplish common tasks without leaving the application.

The improved integration support lets testers push bug reports from TestRail to third-party issue-tracking tools while reusing the entered test results and test-case details. Testers can now also look up bug reports, issue details, and defect statuses in TestRail without having to access the bug-tracking tool. TestRail's defect plug-ins use issue trackers' APIs to implement a sophisticated and customizable integration. Gurock plans to offer defect plug-ins for additional third-party applications in the future, and customers can build their own scripts to integrate custom solutions.

TestRail is installed directly on a customer's server or can be hosted online with most hosting providers. TestRail 2.2 is priced at $239 per user, with additional discounts available for multiuser packs. A free fully functional trial of TestRail is available from Gurock Software's website.

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