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Gorilla Logic Releases MonkeyTalk for Record/Playback Functional Testing

Gorilla Logic has announced the availability of MonkeyTalk, the company's new record/playback functional test platform that integrates FoneMonkey for iOS and FoneMonkey for Android open-source testing tools. According to Gorilla Logic, MonkeyTalk was created to provide developers with a single cross-platform testing environment to deliver high-quality mobile applications.

Gorilla Logic says that MonkeyTalk fills a void in the development industry by recording, playing back, and validating user interaction on any mobile device or tablet. MonkeyTalk also supports gesture on any component and supports iOS and Android simulators or devices.

Gorilla Logic MonkeyTalk
Gorilla Logic MonkeyTalk 

The company has also introduced the MonkeyTalk Command Language, which is a simple keyword- and data-driven language for specifying functional test scripts. MonkeyTalk can be generated automatically through recording or composed from scratch with the MonkeyTalk IDE or another text editor. In addition, testers and QA personnel can extend MonkeyTalk with their own application-specific commands without any programming.

MonkeyTalk is a free and open-source tool that's available on Gorilla Logic's product page. Visit the Gorilla Logic’s website to learn more about the company’s solutions.

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