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Gorilla Logic Releases Continuous QA Cloud QaaS Offering

Gorilla Logic has announced the immediate availability of its Quality as a Service (QaaS) offering, Continuous QA Cloud, which tests and tracks the quality of mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Continuous QA Cloud provides developers with the ability to utilize a complete and continuous QA cycle for developing and deploying mobile applications.

According to Ed Schwarz, vice president of engineering and co-founder of Gorilla Logic, the release focuses around the increasing demand for delivering quality mobile apps, which is a challenging development space when it comes to testing. "Functional testing always has been a challenge for agile development teams, and the new pressures in the mobile app space—shorter schedules, multiple device versions and more complex interactions—are driving teams nuts. Our customers are really seeking innovative solutions that can reduce their cost and time-to-market while improving overall application quality," said Schwarz.

The Gorilla Logic Continuous QA Cloud service provides several different features, including:

  • A platform that lets customers test their apps automatically for dozens or hundreds of mobile devices and simulators.
  • The service leverages Gorilla Logic's open-source testing tool, MonkeyTalk, which provides developers record-playback functionality and data-driven test suites.
  • Gorilla Logic's QuickStart Services promises to have teams up and running with QaaS in three weeks without the need for additional training or staffing.

Pricing for Continuous QA Cloud is based on customer need. To learn more about Gorilla Logic, visit the company's website.

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