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Google Ups The Tablet Stakes with Android Honeycomb

Google today released some of the first details of Android Honeycomb, a version of the mobile operating system designed for tablet devices – and to take on Apple’s iPad.

According to the Google Mobile blog, the new OS will include “a brand new, truly virtual and holographic user interface” while supporting additional new features including advanced multi-tasking, home screen customization and redesigned widgets.

Connected Planet has a deeper look:

With 2011 more and more looking like the year of the tablet, a legitimate (and particularly a multi-operator) alternative to the Apple iPad has the potential to shake things up. It will also be interesting to see if Honeycomb tablets come more in the wifi or 3G variety. Our bet: a little of both, with the wifi tablet emerging as both a walk-around in-home device and TV companion and 3G tablets appealing to commuters and mobile workers.

Read the rest of the story now.

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