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Google Gears now supports Firefox 3

No biggie, since this was a given, but it's just one more thing we can check off on the road towards the completion of Firefox 3's completion:

Gears, Google's project to make Web browsers a better foundation for elaborate online applications, now supports Firefox 3, the company plans to announce soon.

"Gears for Firefox 3, as of today, is available for all users," said Aaron Boodman, a Google programmer working on the Gears project, in an interview Tuesday. "We hope to announce it either today or tomorrow."

Indeed, the Google Gears code site lists Firefox 3 support in version 0.3 description. Firefox 3 itself is due this month; the open-source browser currently is in its second release candidate.

Google is working on Gears--formerly called Google Gears--as a way to advance Web programming. It's a key enabler to the cloud computing model exemplified with Web applications such as Google Docs and Gmail.

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