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Google Chrome takes one-half of one percent of the Web browser market

And let me point out that it’s nice to see that OneStat understands the difference between usage share, which this is, and market share, which this isn’t., the number one provider of real-time intelligence web analytics, today reported that Google's Chrome browser has only a small global usage share of 0.54 percent since the introduction.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer dominates the browser market with a global usage share of 81.36 percent. In February the total global usage share of Microsoft's Internet Explorer was 83.27 percent. The most popular browser on the internet is Explorer 7 with a global usage share of 56.68 percent.

Mozilla's global usage share has increased 0.90 percent since February. The global usage share of Mozilla is 14.67 percent.

Apple's Safari browser global usage share has increased 0.24 percent since February and has a global usage share of 2.42 percent.


1 Internet Explorer 81.36%
2 Mozilla Firefox 14.67%
3 Apple Safari 2.42%
4 Opera 0.55%
5 Google Chrome 0.54%


1 Internet Explorer 75.54%
2 Mozilla Firefox 18.74%
3 Apple Safari 3.95%
4 Google Chrome 0.62%
5 Netscape 0.50%

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