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Gmail Supports the Shift Key

So apparently this has been around for a while, though I admit I never knew about it. Yet another way in which Gmail is just excellent:

Not sure since when Gmail is supporting the Shift key in certain situations, but I find it very useful. The following two examples work in the normal version of Gmail – not the basic HTML one, but the one with all features:

  • Hold down the Shift key to select multiple messages at once. E.g. if you have 20 spam messages in a row in your inbox, checkbox-select only spam message 1 and 20 while holding down Shift... you’ll find all messages in-between selected as well.

  • Hold down Shift while clicking on a message to open it in a new window. This is especially useful if you want to reply something in your email which refers to another thread, requiring you to open multiple windows.
Good stuff.


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