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Fun with Headlines, November 28, 2007

In my ongoing effort to bring features from old Nexus blog over here to the SuperSite blog, here's the latest (or first, depending on your perspective) edition of Fun with Headlines...

Microsoft Sued Over Halo 3's 'Consistent' Crashes
They should be sued for not calling it Halo 2.5.

Why Do I Use Apple's Apps?
Because you're a tool?

Orange will sell unlocked iPhones in France for $964
Expensive, yes, but it will be just $764 in two months.

How Do I Play Windows Games on a Mac?

Poor Battery Life May Doom Zune
Hey, it doomed the iPod, right?

Microsoft’s Windows Live Yahoo Hotmail Problem
Actually, that will be named Microsoft’s Windows Live Yahoo Hotmail 2008

Lawyers: Vista branding confused even Microsoft
Any liar will tell you to keep it simple, stupid.

Nintendo, Microsoft blasted for toxic game consoles
Presumably the attack was non-toxic

Linus Torvalds: Microsoft can't catch Linux
"Mark my words, you'll never lose that much market share."

Google expands into alternative energy
Because every click-through wastes one kilowatt of energy.
Yeah, this one will be in perpetual beta too.

Activision CEO: PS3 and Xbox 360 Must Drop to $199
And the Wii must be given away in cereal boxes. Or else.

Failing Seagate drives haunt MacBook owners
That and the smugness.

Universal Music CEO Doug Morris Speaks, Recording Industry in Even Deeper S*** Than We Thought
That one kinds of stands on its own.

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