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Fun with Headlines, December 13, 2007

Get over yourself, it's fun.

New Dinosaur Discovered in Antarctica
Ah-hah! Global warming really is real!

Opera complains to EU about Microsoft
They're the New York Jets of the technology world.

Uncovering the missing Mac OS X applications
Applications? All a real Mac user needs is a blog and at least one finger to write scathing remarks about Windows. Flips the Privacy Switch
Because someone has to protect the 17 people using the service.

Amazon ordered to end free delivery on books in France
Company was caught bypassing France's tax-everything laws.

Spam accounts for nearly 95 per cent of email
And 99 percent of all blog posts.

Inside Windows 7 -- what we know so far
Almost nothing. But a hit is a hit, so what the heck.

The World Series of Linux: Round 1
Tonight on the Ocho: The only competition less interesting than amateur women's championship ice hockey.

Vista's Asshats!
Where Lloyd receives the annual award for "most frequent use of the term 'asshat' in a single article."

Apple vs. Linux: Which Will Win Disgruntled Windows Users?
I believe it will actually be Vista that wins them, but what the heck, let's play Fantasy Land for a few minutes. OK, that's enough.

Is there joy in hating Apple's Leopard?
No, not joy. Just a sense of justice.

Apple acknowledges Canada exists!
They're almost a real country. You know, like Luxembourg.

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