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Fun with Headlines: 4th of July Edition

Because it's all about shock and awe.

Leopard is the buggiest OS Apple has put out since System 7.5
This line will be appearing in the next Switcher ad, I'm sure.

Apple's Snow Leopard. What's The Point?
It appears to be a tacit admission that Leopard is horribly broken.

Thinking Like a Cocoa Programmer
Just think, "I'm going to sell 6 copies of this application!"

80% of companies using Macs
Unfortunately, they're only using them 1.5 percent of the time

An effective way to treat Web 2.0 vulnerabilities
Blame Microsoft?

What is the best method for picking up an iPhone 3G on July 11th?
I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest going to a store to buy one.

Google’s culture ‘not fit’ for enterprise apps
Since when does "irreverent and silly" not fly in the enterprise?

First look at Ubuntu 8.10 - Intrepid Ibex
What's next? "Jaunty Jackass"?

Opera patches multiple bugs in flagship browser
Opera is fixing Firefox bugs now?

What product category should Apple tackle next?
Maybe you should grab more than 1 percent of the cell phone market and 4 percent of the PC market before getting too excited about the next big thing. Just a thought.

Rhapsody mp3 store review
Wait, someone actually visited the Rhapsody MP3 store?

Why I Still Use Windows Despite the Peer Pressure
You're not a trend-following lemming who can think for yourself?

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