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Free SharePoint Tool Analyzes BLOBs

Free SharePoint Tool Analyzes BLOBs

We have yet to see a free tool that didn't intrigue us at SharePoint Pro. And Metalogix continues that trend with its free tool, BLOBulator, which helps organizations estimate the size of their Microsoft SharePoint content databases.

BLOBulator analyzes the amount of Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) occupying vital storage space in the SQL Server database for SharePoint. The aptly named BLOBs are content files such as Microsoft Office documents, PDF files, audio and video files that can slow down SharePoint performance and cause users to experience slow upload or download times.

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With BLOBulator’s analysis results, the idea is you'll better understand performance risks and implement strategies for improved storage tiering, content database configurations, and backup strategies.

To download the tool, see the Metalogix website.  And feel free to update us about other free SharePoint tools.

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