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Free designer templates for Office 2007

Just got an email about some free, high-quality designer templates that Microsoft is now offering to users of Office 2007:

In conjunction with the launch of Office 2007, Microsoft today went live with designer templates that utilize many of the new Office 2007 features.  MS tapped advertising and design firm Bradley & Montgomery for the creation of designer templates that allow businesses to seamlessly incorporate their branding and present themselves in a confident and elegant manner.

Most small businesses do not have the budgets to hire outside firms for their marketing and design needs.  With the release of Microsoft Office 2007, small businesses have greater ability than ever to create professional-looking presentations and documents quickly and easily.  The purpose of the templates is to demonstrate the new functionality of Office 2007 while giving small businesses something useful in the process.

There are six template families with 9 colors to choose from located at the Microsoft Web site.  Each template has a place for a business to place its logo along with text and picture boxes to simply add their content.  The templates are completely free, and businesses can also download a free 60-day trial of Office 2007 to use the templates to the fullest extent.

They're actually quite nice if you're into this kind of thing.

Instructions for using the templates can be found here (PDF format).

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