Foundation Launches Technology Project

In response to increased demands for Open Source XML and XSL tools, the Apache Software Foundation created the Project. Project collaborators include Bowstreet, DataChannel, Exoffice, IBM, Lotus Development and Sun Microsystems. Designed to advance development and deployment of XML and XSL standards, will demonstrate the power of these technologies in Web-server and client-side environments. The project also will provide robust XML- and XSL-related libraries and applications within an industrywide, peer-based Open Source development process. “Building a solid reference suite of applications and libraries for managing XML will help ensure consistency of implementation between free and commercial software, and reassure developers that XML is a reliable choice for building applications upon,” says Brian Behlendorf, Apache Software foundation president and Collab.Net founder. The Project is being undertaken with technology donations from vendors and Open Source XML developers, including: XML4J and XML4C Parsers from IB; Java Project X and XHTML Parser from Sun Microsystems; LotusXSL from Lotus Development Corp.; XPages from DataChannel; FOP from Bowstreet, formerly James Tauber; Cocoon from Stefano Mazzocchi and the Java-Apache community; OpenXML from Exoffice and Assaf Arkin; and XSL:P from Exoffice and Keith Visco.

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