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Forefront 'Stirling' update

Microsoft has provided the following update about its next generation Forefront security product, codenamed "Stirling."

Today, Microsoft is providing an update on release timing for Forefront code name "Stirling," an integrated security suite that combines the next-generation Forefront solutions for endpoint, messaging & collaboration, and network protection with a central management console for easy administration and enterprise-wide visibility.

  • We will begin the release of the "Stirling" security suite with the delivery of Forefront Server Security for Exchange and Threat Management Gateway (the next generation of ISA Server) in the fourth quarter of 2009.
  • "Stirling" management, Forefront Client Security 2.0 and Forefront Security for SharePoint will be released in the first half of 2010.
  • We will ship Beta 2 of "Stirling" soon and in the second half of this year we will deliver a release candidate.

We have been working closely with customers in our Technology Adoption Program to gather their feedback about how we can deliver the best experience and value with "Stirling." One of the top customer requests was adding interoperability with third party security solutions.  To this end, we plan to increase our focus on one of the unique features of "Stirling", Security Assessment Sharing (SAS.)  SAS correlates security events from different Forefront products and third party solutions, enabling administrators to quickly investigate and remediate security events.  We will provide information about interoperability partners in the near future.

Additionally, we are investing significantly in a behavior-based technology called Dynamic Signature Service.  This will complement advanced heuristics, dynamic translation and real time application scanning for kernel level malware in "Stirling," helping deliver a comprehensive approach to endpoint protection for zero day attacks.

We encourage customers to download and try out the current "Stirling" beta to learn more about the benefits of an integrated security suite.   Customers investing in Forefront solutions today will have an easy migration path to "Stirling."

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