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The Five Pillars of Windows 7 (part 4 of 5)

Bryant at AeroXperience is back with part 4 of this 5 part series on the pillars of Windows 7:

This particular pillar focuses less on personalization and more on delivering your media to you quickly, efficiently, and vibrantly.

Most of the material in this pillar is covered by the ehome labs, which means most of the material covered here will be fairly vague. As with the rest of the pillars, you'll find out more throughout the development of the operating system, though since the ehome team basically controls most of this pillar, I wouldn't be surprised to see an overwhelming amount of definition come to the scenarios in this pillar once the Beta 1 milestone is reached.

Pillar Four: Optimized for Entertainment
Content pervades everything. High Definition content can now be delivered over the internet while user created media is becoming as popular as ever. Will Microsoft finally break into the home entertainment environment with Windows 7?

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