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Firefox 3.0 Skinning Update

Abandon all hope, ye who had hoped that Firefox 3 would look great on your OS of choice. It won't. Mozilla's Robert Accettura provides an update on the new default skin in Firefox 3, this time for the XP and Mac OS X versions. And it's just sad...

Back in January I posted some pics of the new skin in Firefox for those who haven’t tried it themselves. Figured I’d update with the latest.

For the navigation toolbar the most obvious change is the new keyhole design. My only complaint is that the menu that appears when you click and hold isn’t as intuitive since the arrow isn’t there.

Navigation Toolbar (Windows XP)

Navigation Toolbar (Mac OS X 10.4)

That’s all for now folks. If warranted, I’ll post again with updates.

Given this UI disaster, I can only imagine two possibly decent outcomes. One, someone comes up with a Firefox 3 skin that actually looks something like the original plan, as discussed here back in October 2007. Or two, we wait until Mozilla gets serious about the browser UI in Firefox 4. Neither is optimal, of course.

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