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Firefox 3 and Aero Glass: Now we're talking

Yesterday, I blogged about a way to add a cool Aero Glass look to Firefox 3 (and mistakenly linked to Neowin, which is not where that information originated; sorry). In that post, I noted that the teal green color that was originally provided for the Booksmarks toolbar was incorrect, as that color is used in Windows Vista for shell windows only. Today, the post has been updated with an exciting new addition: A choice of four toolbar colors, including silver (IE-style), blue (productivity application style and, I think, the "correct" one for this application), black (media style, arguably the best looking choice), and teal green (shell style).


This is sweet because it makes Firefox look truly native in Vista and obviates my complaints about the half-hearted Firefox 3 user experience. Great work, which I believe should be attributed to Matthew Holder (?).

From the bottom of my heart, bravo.

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