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A final look at Medal of Honor Airborne for Xbox 360

In my review of Medal of Honor Airborne for the Xbox 360 from ten days ago, I mentioned that I had finished the single player campaign twice, once on Normal difficulty and once on Casual. As I often do when I actually like a game, I continued playing MOHA past the publication of the review and have snagged a number of additional achievements. Today, I finished the single player game a third time, this time on Expert, the hardest setting, and I've gotten all of the single player achievements, save two, both of which are related to weapons upgrades. I just can't figure out what the game is looking for: I've certainly upgraded various weapons numerous times in the game, but have apparently not satisfied whatever weird requirements it has.

A couple of other notes about MOHA: Two of the achievements, Jump Master and Master Parachutist, are incorrectly described: They both say you have to "discover" skill drop locations. That's not the case, and you have to actually "complete" the drops, not just discover them. In fact, these achievements are even more horribly named than you might think, as the game actually does use the word "discover" to note when you find a skill drop location. Doy.

I complained in my review that the game (and its documentation) does nothing to help you figure out how to parachute correctly. This is the case. However, in playing the game again and again, I've figured out what it's looking for, which is to basically land as you would in real life: Looking forward, even to the ground, and moving forward, and not dropping straight down. That said, there's no real downside to a botched landing. In fact, you can botch a skill drop landing and still get credit for it.

I doubt I'll be playing much MOHA multiplayer going forward. Part of the reason is that it's just not that great compared to COD3 multiplayer. (And yeah, I still intend to get the COD3 "Major" achievement despite the game's rabid attempts to deny me that.) But a bigger reason is Halo 3: It's coming out tomorrow and I just can't imagine I'll ever be getting back to MOHA again. Certainly, I've just about drained the title of its single player possibilities.

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