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What's Hot - 21 Oct 2002

Remotely Manage Systems
DameWare Development,
DameWare NT Utilities,, 985-871-7519

Several readers wrote in about DameWare Development's DameWare NT Utilities (DNTU). The system management application provides an integrated collection of Windows NT administration utilities that incorporate a centralized interface to let you remotely manage Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT workstations and servers. The software includes all the standard XP, Win2K, and NT server utilities and the Win2K and NT workstation utilities, along with DameWare custom NT tools. Andy Owen of Spherion, United Kingdom, said of DNTU, "As a central console for supporting our Win2K and NT organization, it's perfect." Jack Campbell of Atlanta, said that DNTU is a great utility to consolidate all your NT tools in one place. He also said, "My team has ceased to use any of the standard administrative tools because DNTU does it all."

One feature that most readers mentioned is DNTU's Mini Remote Control feature, DameWare Development's remote control application that's included with the main DNTU application. The Mini Remote Control feature remotely installs its client agent server service on remote machines so that when administrators need to take control of a remote machine in the field, they can do so without having to physically go to the remote box and install the remote control server portion of the program. And, a reboot of the remote machine isn't necessary. Pricing starts at $189.95 for a single-user license.

Work on Team Projects in Realtime
eRoom Technology, eRoom 6.0,,

One Windows & .NET Magazine reader nominated eRoom Technology's eRoom 6.0 as a top product. eRoom is a collaborative workplace application that brings together people, projects, and processes so that you can complete team projects even if the team is spread around the world. She uses the product to manage all her IT projects. She said, "Other departments are seeing how this valuable tool can save time, let you share documents, conduct discussions, and help teams get work done."

The integrated realtime component of the eRoom digital workplace, eRoom Real Time Services (RTS), provides tools for realtime meetings, presentations, and collaboration. Features include multilevel access control, threaded discussion capability, polling and voting capability, on-demand and scheduled notification, team calendars, customizable databases, and browser-based client access. Pricing is $16,995 per server and $249 per seat.

Access and Transport Data, Pen Drive,

A security administrator from Lakewood, Colorado, uses's Pen Drive as a floppy disk, though he admits that the drive is capable of holding a lot more information than a floppy disk. He works both at home and at the office, and he has found that the Pen Drive is an excellent product to transfer files from one computer to the other. "It's not as big as a CD-ROM memory-wise, but the form factor makes it more portable," he said.

The Pen Drive is a removable hard disk with USB connection and can support as much as 256MB of disk space. You plug the device into any USB port, and the computer will automatically detect the Pen Drive as another removable drive. You can read, write, copy, delete, and move data from your hard disk to the Pen Drive, or vice versa. You can also play MP3 files, run applications, or view videos directly from the Pen Drive. Pricing starts at $35.99 and increases to $349, depending on how much memory you want.

Have you used a product that changed your IT experience by saving you time or easing your daily burden? Tell us about it! We want to write about the product in a future What's Hot column. Send your product nominations for What's Hot, including information about how the product helped you, to [email protected]

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