Web Resources - 09 Feb 2000

Here's where to go to find an answer to your problem

When you're looking for answers to computing problems, the Internet can be an invaluable resource. In this Top 10, I share the Web resources that I find the most helpful when I'm researching Windows NT, Microsoft BackOffice, and networking problems.

10. Windows Registry Guide (http://regedit.com). This site provides a handy list of Registry FAQ for NT and Windows 9x. The FAQ on this site offer a wealth of information about the Registry, including hardware recommendations, tips, tricks, and troubleshooting ideas. You can download Windows Help file versions of the FAQ.

9. WinFiles.com (http://winfiles.com). This site contains a variety of NT and Win9x tips and provides a unique Windows desktop-like interface. WinFiles.com also offers shareware, driver downloads, and product reviews.

8. 15 Seconds (http://www.15seconds.com). I'm responsible for running a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) server and setting up Web applications. The 15 Seconds Web site gives me helpful information about IIS, Active Server Pages (ASP), and Microsoft Site Server.

7. NThelp (http://www.nthelp.com). This site provides numerous administrative tips. Although the majority of the tips cover NT 4.0, you can find a few NT 3.51 tips and some for Windows 2000 (Win2K).

6. Swynk.com (http://www.swynk.com). Swynk.com provides many NT-related resources, including technical articles, columns, a weekly newsletter, job listings, and Web-based discussions boards. The site focuses primarily on Microsoft SQL Server, Systems Management Server (SMS), and Exchange Server.

5. JSI (http://www.jsiinc.com). Part of the Windows 2000 Magazine resource network, JSI is a product reseller that also provides an extensive NT Q&A list. Although this site's home page implies that JSI provides only Registry tips, the site provides a wide range of information about BackOffice, systems administration, and networking.

4. Windows 2000 Magazine (http://www.win2000mag.com). Although I'm obviously prejudiced, the Windows 2000 Magazine site offers a wealth of information. In the article archive, you can search the entire contents of all issues of the magazine available online. If you need an immediate answer to a question, be sure to try the Web-based discussion forums.

3. NTSecurity.net (http://www.ntsecurity.net). Also part of the Windows 2000 Magazine resource network, NTSecurity.net is the definitive site for NT security information. This site provides frequent updates about the most recent NT, IIS, and BackOffice security bulletins. You can also find links to many other security-related sites and several security-related patches.

2. Windows NT FAQ (http://www.ntfaq.com)—This site provides a selection of Q&As that cover nearly every Win2K and NT administrative topic, from Active Directory (AD) to Registry tips. The Q&As also cover Microsoft Proxy Server; NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition (WTS); Exchange Server; and SQL Server. You can download compiled versions of the FAQ in standard HTML, HTML Help, and Windows Help formats.

1. Microsoft TechNet (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/support). When I'm in the office, the TechNet CD-ROM is my primary resource for solving problems that occur when I use Microsoft products. However, when the CD-ROM isn't handy, I go to the TechNet Web site. The TechNet site contains all the information available on the CD-ROMs, as well as the most recent updates. And, you don't have to swap disks.

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