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Troubleshooter: Moving Search Catalogs to Another Drive

I've enabled full-text indexing on my company's Exchange servers, but now space is getting tight. How do I move the search catalogs to another drive?

The Exchange 2000 Server CD-ROM includes the catutil.exe tool in the setup\i386\search directory. The Catutil Movecat command lets you move the catalog files to another drive, and the tool is generally smart enough to clean up the source disk by removing the old catalogs for you. However, don't confuse the Exchange 2000 version of Catutil with the version that comes with Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. The latter version has additional features that pertain only to SharePoint Portal Server databases, and you shouldn't run it against your standard MSSearch catalogs. Because you can't run SharePoint Portal Server on the same machine as Exchange 2000, however, it's unlikely that you'll mix up the two Catutils.

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