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SharePoint Teams Up at the Olympics

3rd party products add a shine to SharePoint

Here at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, we’ve applied SharePoint to many business requirements already.

On the back end, we’ve again turned to AvePoint for backup and restore functionality—there’s no doubt that we need to have the ability to do granular restore! Their suite of products has gotten much richer, and more complex, since Beijing, but it again proved itself a valuable addition to our toolset—kudos to them.

And although I've been working long days here as a Microsoft technology consultant at NBC, I did also manage to get away for a dinner meeting with the folks at Colligo. I’ve been a big fan of their products for years, and have been thrilled to watch them win award after award, including our Community Choice Award here at Windows IT Pro magazine. I didn’t realize until last week that they are headquartered here in Vancouver.

They showed me just how fun the city can be, and it was cool to see that behind their great products is a really great team. Colligo is doing a web seminar, "Is SharePoint 2010 Ready for Enterprise Content Management?" with a keynote from Microsoft’s Tricia Bush, Director of Enterprise Business, on March 2nd. I’m not usually often able to carve out time to attend webinars, but I’m registered for this one.  

To read more of Dan's experience with SharePoint at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, visit our SharePointPro Connections website.

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