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SharePoint MVP Predictions: The Lost Predictions

How SharePoint 2010 will fare

More SharePoint MVP predictions? You bet. Sarbjit Singh Gill and Bill English both have interesting views on what will happen with SharePoint 2010.

Sarbjit Singh Gill, a Singapore-based MVP who works at UnifySquare Inc in Asia, is preparing for his first-ever FIA sanctioned auto race in June. In my opinion, that qualifies him as “crazy” but his prediction is quite smart!

He predicts that in 2010, SharePoint 2010 is going to be the platform for CEPB....

Bill English, an MVP from Minnesota who is weathering the cold and snow, predicts that the uptake for SharePoint Server 2010 will be slow in 2010 due to deep investments in 2007 implementations that didn't occur until the 2008-2009 timeframe....

See more of what they said and whether you agree at SharePointPro Connections.

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