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SharePoint 2007 Updates and SharePoint 2010 Prereqs

Resources for staying up to date in SharePoint and getting ready for 2010

Over recent weeks, Microsoft has worked hard to make it easier to discover what updates (for MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0) and prerequisites (for SharePoint 2010) are available. First, and most importantly, the Updates Resource Center for SharePoint Products and Technologies went live.

Not sure why it couldn’t have been called the SharePoint Update Center. Perhaps their naming committee is compensated by the word? All kidding aside, the center is a great resource, providing clear high-level instructions for maintaining an up-to-date installation of WSS or MOSS 2007 and links to all applicable updates and to documentation of the gory details. Bravo!

Unfortunately, but understandably, the story isn’t quite so ideal for SharePoint 2010. SharePoint 2010, which was released to Public Beta in mid-November, has a lengthy list of prerequisites, which gets confusing when you add to the mix the various flavors of SQL Server, Windows Server, and Windows clients you might be using. There are also workarounds and hotfixes to the software, which isn't surprising given its beta stage. To read more of Dan's commentary, which is offered every Monday in the enewsletter, SharePointPro Connections UPDATE, please go to the SharePointPro Connections website

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