Security and Compliance in Office 365: Security and Permissions

Security and Compliance in Office 365: Security and Permissions

The new Security & Compliance center uses and requires specific permissions with roles for any access to anyone other than Administrators. The security follows a similar model to how Exchange has handled administration. Within the Security & Compliance center click on the Permissions blade.

Once the Permissions page loads, you will see an explanation at the top, that outlines that for some permissions the Exchange Admin Center and SharePoint Admin Center needs to be used. In the bottom section of the page, the current Group, along with the roles and members it contains are listed.


Permissions for the Security & Compliance center follow the model of Groups, containing Roles and Members. The roles are where the actual permissions are associated and granted with the Group being the core container. To edit an existing group, simply press the pencil icon. This will launch a separate window (current version), allowing for roles and members to be added.

Adding Members simply allows you to pick users from Office 365 into the group. Adding roles allows you to add role permissions to the group, enhancing the overall access permissions.

The list is extensive for the roles that can be added by, if you click the go to the Exchange admin center link at the top of the page, this will launch a window listing all the role groups as well that are used within Exchange only. You can also modify the roles used in the groups within that window also.

Further details about the permissions needed for certain function within Office 365 can be found here:

You also have the ability to use PowerShell to add users to the Security & Compliance Center if needed too. This is done by using the “Add-RoleGroupMember” command as needed.

Creating a new group, we can add a name and description, then define the roles and members as needed.

This example group, will allow the selected user to modify the alerts only. When they log into the site the left navigation within the Security & Compliance center will respect the permissions that were assigned.

To learn more about Role Groups, Roles and permissions for the Security & Compliance center you can review the following documentation.

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