Quest Software Develops Products to Expand Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Quest Software Develops Products to Expand Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Quest Software announced its expanded offering of products for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Quest has spent the past two years building and acquiring products that enable organizations to enrich their SharePoint Server 2007 environments.

 Gartner, Inc. predicts that 80 percent of organizations will be using SharePoint Server 2007 by 2010, but only 40 percent will use it effectively. With that in mind, Quest has developed a comprehensive collection of SharePoint Server 2007 management tools. The products assist companies through all aspects of SharePoint products and technologies, including migration, application development and integration, recovery and auditing, administration, and SQL Server management.


A sample of Quest s newest products for SharePoint products and technologies include:

  • Notes Migrator for SharePoint: Effectively migrates Lotus Notes application content to SharePoint Server 2007. Quest gained this product through its acquisition of Proposion in October 2007.
  • Development Studio for SharePoint: Makes it faster and easier to build SharePoint Server 2007 applications. This library of Web parts utilizes SharePoint Server 2007 to connect and manage list and library data within and across sites.
  • File Migrator for SharePoint: Migrates content in file shares to SharePoint Server 2007. Filters documents by name, size, and date, and provides a preview of the first 500 migrated documents to ensure the appropriate information is being migrated.
  • <!--[ if !supportLists]-->Public Folder Migrator for SharePoint: Migrates Public Folder content to SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and SharePoint Server 2007 environments. Automated migrations can be done individually or in bulk.
  • <!--[ if !supportLists]--><!--[endif]-->Migration Manager for SharePoint: Migrates SharePoint Server 2003 sites, document libraries, and lists to SharePoint Server 2007.


For a complete list of Quest s products for SharePoint products and technologies, visit


Quest Software, Inc.

Price: Visit the Quest Web site.

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