The PowerPoint window

The appearance of the PowerPoint window will vary depending on the configuration of your operating system and of Microsoft PowerPoint.

PowerPoint window

The components of the PowerPoint window include:

  • Title bar: shows the name of the document.

    On the right edge of the title bar are window controls that allow you to minimize, restore or maximize, and close the window.

  • Menu bar: contains menus with commands.
  • Toolbars: contain buttons, each of which is a shortcut to a command.
  • Task pane: appears on the right-hand side of the window. There are several task panes, each of which specialize in a particular type of activity. They are designed to simplify otherwise complex tasks.
    Task panes are new as of Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 (Office XP). If you have not encountered them before, you will find they are a productive addition to Word and all Microsoft Office applications.
  • Scroll bars: allow you to view different parts of a document by "scrolling." Horizontal and vertical scrollbars appear automatically when the document is larger than can be seen in the window.
  • Ruler: helps you visualize section and paragraph measurements including margins, indents, and tab stops.
  • Status bar: keeps you apprised of your location in the document, and indicates the status of several modes and options.
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