New & Improved: Contact Verification Server, vContinuum, ForensicVue, janusGATE Mobile, and More

Contact Verification Server Can Verify 7 Million Records Per Hour

Melissa Data has launched the Contact Verification Server. The product is an appliance built by Dell that incorporates six WebSmart components for contact data verification and enrichment, including address, phone, and email verification; name parsing; geocoding; and change-of-address processing. The server can verify more than 7 million records per hour and additional servers can be clustered together for increased scalability, throughput, and redundancy. The Contact Verification Server is ideal for companies that need to meet HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other privacy and compliance guidelines by enriching, scrubbing, and validating customer data safely and securely.

“The Contact Verification Server is a completely new, turnkey solution for our customers,” said Bud Walker, product manager at Melissa Data. “The server incorporates our proven data quality architecture in off-the-shelf hardware so users can get it up and running in minutes. And, the server automatically fetches and installs the latest contact datasets for headache-free maintenance.”

The server is built by Dell and carries a flexible support contract from Melissa Data to troubleshoot and repair services, and mission critical replacement, if necessary. For more information, visit

InMage Announces Disk Backup and Disaster Recovery Software

InMage has announced vContinuum, a software product designed for disk backup and disaster recovery of VMware ESX and vSphere virtual machine (VM) environments. Features of the product include: elimination of backup windows; application consistency; long-term data retention on disk; file-level recovery; and utilization of target storage capacity. In addition, vContinuum’s GUI offers a way to perform application-aware protection and recovery at the VM level.  It automates VM discovery, creation of protection policies, operational recovery scenarios, and performs push-button failover and failback operations. For more information about this product, visit

Reduce Time to Identify Cause of Incident Analysis

eIQnetworks announced ForensicVue, the first real-time forensic search engine to let enterprise security analysts search every piece of security data on their network. According to the vendor, organizations can identify the root cause of incidents up to 60 percent faster using ForensicVue than any other product on the market. The product can find security data in all formats, including log events, vulnerabilities, configurations, performance, availability, net flow, file integrity, USB monitoring, and system compliance data and correlate it via a single console. The product also supports hundreds of OSs, network and security devices, enterprise and custom applications, databases, and third-party products, including McAfee EPO, Symantec SEP, CMDBs, SIEM, and more. For more information, visit

FinallySecure Enterprise Adds Web Management Console

SECUDE has added a web-based management console to FinallySecure, its full disk encryption software solution. The FinallySecure Management Console (FSMC) is a central management solution that lets IT administrators remotely configure and decommission FinallySecure Enterprise clients in an enterprise environment. The web-based Java application has an intuitive interface and synchronizes with Active Directory. New features include enhanced reporting; search functionality; an improved policy wizard; support for Glassfish and Apache Tomcat; and support for MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle. To learn more, visit

janusNET Makes Mobile Email More Accessible

janusNET has announced janusGATE Mobile, a solution that lets organizations manage and control email delivery to any smartphone platform, including iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. Greg Colla, Managing Director at janusNET says: "Convention has it that the provision of mobile e-mail services should be limited to senior executives and mobile workers. The main constraint to further rollout has been the huge expense of deploying and operating a large fleet of fully managed, approved, and policy controlled company smartphones." Features include message management and monitoring; privacy policy enforcement; classifications; and Word, Excel, and PowerPoint support. To learn more, visit

Spirent Extends Network Testing Solutions

Spirent Communications has partnered with cPacket Networks to extend its live Ethernet network testing solutions with advanced products that incorporate cPacket technology to provide traffic aggregation/de-aggregation and advanced packet filtering. “High speed network infrastructure, data centers, and cloud computing are growing markets in which network and service reliability are critical to ensuring user satisfaction and maintaining SLAs,” said Sean Yarborough, senior director of Strategy & Business Development at Spirent. “cPacket’s real-time inspection, monitoring, and aggregation capabilities combined with Spirent expertise in data center and cloud computing testing ensures that we are offering the best solution to address customers’ needs.” To learn more, visit and Updates Help Desk Product has announced a new software release. New features include: family tickets to let admins associate support tickets with one another; tagging so admins can organize tickets better; a ticket queue to let admins prioritize, organize, and structure their workloads; an inventory module to help businesses track and manage physical assets; email templates to provide admins with tools to fully customize outbound emails with unique branding; and email routing to create multiple email drop-boxes to automatically route inbound messages. To learn more, visit



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