New & Improved, August 2006

Send and Receive Folders As Large As 10GB
Accellion announced updates to its Accellion Courier Secure File Transfer Appliance (SFTA), which provides an email-like UI for sending and receiving folders without using FTP. The new release lets you consolidate many files into one folder and preserve the subdirectory hierarchy for complex data structures into one top-level folder. You can send and receive files and folders as large as 10GB with one click of your mouse. Courier SFTA also provides enhanced administrative control of storage quotas. For pricing information, contact Accellion.

Integrated Antivirus, Antispam, and Attachment Filtering
Sunbelt Software announced the release of its third-generation enterprise-messaging security solution, Sunbelt Messaging Ninja. The product provides antivirus, antispam, antiphishing, and attachment-filtering capabilities in a plug-in framework that allows for the addition of future security features, such as content auditing and filtering. Ninja provides a range of predefined reports that generate information at the system, group, or user level and show the number of inbound email messages scanned, spam messages deleted or marked, and viruses intercepted, as well as the percentage of specific viruses by name. Ninja is priced per mailbox.

Consolidate Project-Management Solutions
AEC Software announced FastTrack Schedule 9.0.1, project-management software that provides enhanced data exchange with Microsoft Project through XML and new support for opening Microsoft Project template (.mpt) files. You can also obtain project information through Microsoft Project Exchange (MPX) files created by other project-oriented solutions such as Mindjet MindManager and Experience In Software's Project KickStart. A free trial is available. Pricing for FastTrack Schedule starts at $349.

Create Smaller Zip Files
WinZip Computing announced WinZip Self-Extractor 3.0, which creates self-extracting .zip files for electronic-file distribution. The product features the Enhanced Deflate compression algorithm and leverages the Prediction by Partial Matching compression technology found in WinZip 10.0 Standard and WinZip 10.0 Pro. The new version supports Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 128- and 256-bit keys and lets you use high-resolution icons for self-extracting .zip files. A free trial is available. Pricing for WinZip Self-Extractor starts at $49.95 for a single-user license.
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Protect Your System at Multiple Levels
Winternals Software announced Recovery Manager 3.0, an enterprise recovery solution that protects at multiple levels, safeguarding the OS, applications, user data, and user settings. The product's bare-metal recovery capabilities let you rebuild damaged or corrupted hard disks without having to reinstall the OS. Recovery Manager also lets you take Recovery Points (i.e., snapshots) of open files without having to disable them first. The new release supports 64-bit Windows systems, integrates with Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005, and provides persistent Recovery Points for a baseline rollback.

Move AD to Another Computer
Algin Technology announced UMove, a utility that copies or clones an Active Directory (AD) database to a new computer. UMove can recover AD database files from a dead computer, extract the AD database from a damaged backup file or tape, and clone AD for testing on a computer or virtual machine. UMove can also act as a restore tool. The product preserves all security patches, hotfixes, executable files, and DLL files. Pricing for UMove starts at $129.95.

Easily Produce Logon Scripts
Entrigue Systems announced Script Start 1.5, a logon script processor for Microsoft Windows networks. With the new release of Script Start, you don't have to manage client licenses or install software on individual desktops. After installing the product on your networked domain controller (DC), you can administer it through a Web-based interface. Script Start lets you configure mapped drives, installed printers, Microsoft Outlook profiles, Internet proxy settings, and RDP connections for users during the logon process. Pricing for Script Start starts at $495 per DC.

Product Spotlight: Continuous Protection and Recovery for SharePoint Environments
TimeSpring Software announced TimeData for SharePoint, software that provides file-based continuous data protection (CDP) for SharePoint. Time-Data continuously captures all SharePoint data—whether it's collaborative documents or site configuration changes—in real time and stores it to an onsite or offsite repository. The product maintains system performance because it never interrupts user collaboration.

TimeData provides a simple way to recover your whole system, site, or documents. After you install the product, a new toolbar that appears in the SharePoint environment lets you browse historic views of SharePoint environments from any moment in time. You can browse a document's history from when it was originally uploaded to its current state. The toolbar also lets you recover lost or deleted documents.

I spoke with Agnes Lamont, vice president of marketing for TimeSpring, about the introduction of the new product. "By speaking with our customers, we heard a lot about SharePoint, and in particular, about protection," says Lamont. "We learned that SharePoint lacked capabilities that customers wanted; therefore, we provided an answer." For more information, contact TimeSpring.

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