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New & Improved - 30 Oct 2007

Identity Management
Manage Microsoft ILM 2007
MissionControl 2.2, NetPro’s management product for Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM), is now fully compatible with ILM 2007. New capabilities include trending views and details on key data and statistics, 24 × 7 health monitoring, change auditing, and backup and restore. For more information, contact NetPro at 602-346-3600 or visit

—Barb Gibbens

Fortify Branch Offices Against Multiple Threats
Fortinet introduced FortiGate-60B and FortiWifi-60B security appliances for enterprise branch offices, retail outlets, and small businesses. The appliances have an application-specific integrated circuit to accelerate performance, a frontaccessible third-generation PC Card slot, dual WAN interfaces, an integrated analog modem, six internal interfaces, and one demilitarized zone interface. The FortiWifi-60B adds 802.11 a/b/g support. Both appliances offer firewall, antivirus, VPN, intrusion prevention system, antispam, Web content filtering, and traffic shaping functions and are updated by the FortiGuard subscription service. For more information, visit

—Renee Munshi

View Document Revisions Securely via OWA
Messageware announced that the latest version of its Outlook Web Access (OWA) add-on, AttachView 8.5, supports Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature. Users accessing documents via OWA can view them as secure Web pages that display Word revisions and related information, such as revision date. By converting attachments into HTML pages, AttachMate closes a security loophole in OWA by preventing attachments from being stored in shared computers’ Temporary Internet Files, where other users could access them. For more information, contact Messageware at 905-812-0638 or visit

—Anne Grubb

Enhanced iSCSI Connectivity
ATTO Technology is releasing firmware version 4.0 for its iPBridge product line, which provides a solution for adding iSCSI connectivity to SCSI and Fibre Channel storage. New features include an Express-Wizard that automatically configures the bridge to operate as efficiently as possible in the specified environment; an ExpressFairness feature (only on the iPBridge 2700) that optimizes data transfers when many hosts are connected to the iPBridge; and a redesigned GUI for accessing the firmware, utilities, manuals, and drivers on the product CDROMs. For more information, contact ATTO Technology at 716-691-1999 or visit

—Lavon Peters

Product Spotlight

Server Virtualization
Virtualization Hypervisor Embedded with Server Hardware
VMware has announced ESX Server 3i, the first hardware-integrated virtualization hypervisor. According to VMware, this new version of the ESX Server architecture is designed to be integrated into flash memory on server hardware, allowing customers to run a functional hypervisor right out of the box.

Because ESX Server 3i will not incorporate or rely on a general-purpose OS, VMware claims that it eliminates many of the common security and reliability problems that arise with running virtual machines (VMs) on top of an OS. Since it is contained in flash memory on the server, ESX Server 3i eliminates installation steps and relies on a Common Information Model to monitor hardware resources. An integrated command-line interface can be used for system configuration, performing maintenance, and installing patches. According to VMware, the automatic configuration features of ESX Server 3i can streamline the setup of VMs and minimize management overhead.

Hardware manufacturers are scheduled to begin shipping server hardware with integrated ESX Server 3i technology by the end of 2007 and throughout 2008. For more information, contact VMware at 877-486-9273 or visit

—Jeff James

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