New & Improved - 29 Oct 2008

Share Excel Spreadsheets on the Web
eXpresso has released eXpresso, a solution that lets users upload .xls spreadsheets to a secure server so that users can form communities to work on the spreadsheets interactively. eXpresso offers version tracking, email alerts when a spreadsheet is accessed or edited by a community member, and IM between community members. eXpresso is compatible with Office 2007/2003/XP/2000 but supports only the .xls format (i.e., Excel 97–2003 workbooks). The product comes in two versions: eXpresso, which is free, and eXpresso Pro, which is $15 per month or $79 per year (group discounts are available) and is available as a 30-day free trial. For more information, contact eXpresso at 650-320- 1730 or visit

EventTracker 6.2 Secures USB Data
Prism Microsystems announced an update to its EventTracker log- and changemanagement application. EventTracker 6.2 monitors USB device insertion and removal and tracks all data that’s modified, copied to, or deleted from such devices. When EventTracker detects unauthorized use of USB devices, it can disable the device and alert admins. EventTracker can help you track an internal data breach to a specific user, system, or time; can launch remedial action locally on a Windows workstation or server in response to an event, and has support for Windows Server 2008. To learn more, call 410-953-6776 or visit

iStor Ships Virtual Storage Manager
Virtual storage vendor iStor Networks announced that it has released integraSuite/MC Management Center, an application that lets administrators manage their iStor storage products from a single console. The application eliminates the need for RAID group and LUN configurations to be managed individually and presents available storage as a generic pool that can be divided up into custom volumes. “The integraSuite Management Center was developed using extensive user feedback, with the goal of minimizing the time users spend allocating and managing their storage while increasing their storage efficiency,” said Robert Friend, director of product marketing for iStor Networks. “iStor’s unique virtualized storage functionality further enhances the customer experience with usability features not available with traditional architectures.” For more information about iStor, go to

Prevent an Array of Internet Threats
Security solutions provider BitDefender recently launched Bit Defender Total Security 2009. This software protects against viruses, spyware, hackers, spam, and other e-threats without slowing performance. Rather than relying on virus signatures, the product uses heuristics to identify and block new and zero-day threats. In addition, BitDefender Total Security 2009 lets you back up data online, provides a laptop mode to extend battery life, offers IM encryption, and enables secure local storage. For more information, contact BitDefender at 954-776-6262 or visit

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Citrix Unveils XenApp 5
Citrix Systems has released XenApp 5, the latest version of its application virtualization product. Previously known as Citrix Presentation Server, XenApp 5 is the latest upgrade to the Citrix Delivery Center product family, which includes XenDesktop, XenServer, and XenApp. XenApp 5 supports Windows Server 2003 and provides easy migration to Windows Server 2008. (XenApp 4.5 and earlier versions of XenApp are not compatible with Server 2008.)

According to Bill Hartwick, senior director of product marketing for Citrix’s application virtualization group, XenApp 5 features improved performance monitoring, a streamlined interface, and faster application start-up times than XenApp 4.5. A preferential load-balancing feature allows administrators to have finegrained control over application workload prioritization, which improves overall performance and responsiveness. For more information on XenApp, call 954-267-3000 or visit

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