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New & Improved - 28 Oct 2003

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Recover Important Data,
801-226-8500, [email protected]

Altiris released Recovery Solution (formerly Client Recovery Solution), software that protects your computer's OS, applications, and data from unintentional changes, accidental deletions, and loss from hardware failure, virus corruption, and theft. The software takes a daily snapshot of a user's system so that you can restore the computer to any saved working state. Recovery Solution can roll back for fast fixes. The software's file compression capability can minimize storage and data transfer by filtering out files that already exist in the repository or by transmitting and storing only the portions of each file that are different from a previous snapshot. For pricing, contact Altiris.


Organize Your Company's Intranet,
610-666-5262, [email protected]

Mindbridge released IntraSmart 3.0, a suite of Internet software to help organize company information. IntraSmart features an Asset Scheduler so that you can schedule conference rooms or assets. The software's Help capability can provide users information about what a certain employee's role or position is within the company. The software can synchronize with executives' PDAs to keep executives coordinated with the office. The Bulletin Board solution lets you post FAQs rather than use email as a way to deliver solutions to common problems. IntraSmart features Active Directory (AD) support and integrates with Microsoft IIS. For pricing, contact Mindbridge.


Deploy Patches Quickly,
612-379-3805, 800-747-4487

New Boundary Technologies released Prism Deploy 5.0, software that lets you quickly deliver a security patch to any computer. The software can automatically target and deploy software patches by using Active Update, which targets a specific group of computers according to their hardware, software, or network configurations. The software also lets you perform unattended installations and distribute server-based applications. Prism Deploy lets you set up a task to recur at regular intervals or with certain events, such as start-up or logon. The software can also create .msi installations for legacy applications. Prism Deploy runs on Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/9x systems and costs $3500 for 100 seats.

Track AD Changes

.com, 407-647-4555, [email protected]

Small Wonders Software released Active Administrator 3.0, software that lets you track Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy changes. You can use the software to verify who made AD changes and receive notification when a specific event is triggered. Active Administrator audits and logs changes to users, groups, group memberships, computers, contacts, and organizational units (OUs). You can view and report delegated permissions across your domain, search for permissions on AD objects, and report on the number of each AD object class. The software lets you back up Group Policy Objects (GPOs) to disk, restore GPOs, and replicate GPOs across domains and forests. Pricing starts at $7.20 per user.


Auscomp IT Commander,
[email protected]

Auscomp IT Commander is a Help desk application for Windows, Linux, and Sun Microsystems' Sun Solaris systems. This Web-enabled application for intranet systems can expedite the control of IT-related problems from any department in the company. The software also features a cost-management system and an application/system version tracker.

When a user faces a problem, Auscomp IT Commander creates a fully searchable knowledge base, which provides an instantly accessible reference for any department. As the database expands, users can reference pertinent information about the problem they're experiencing and reduce the stress, demand, and running costs for Help desk and IT support staff.

Auscomp IT Commander lets you review employees' requests or suggestions. You can review all current, outstanding, and reviewed Data System Requests (DSRs); three security levels—for the manager, developer, and user—ensure confidentiality and control. A search feature lets employees locate and resolve similar problems so that they don't needlessly involve IT staff. Other features include advanced reporting, secure internal email messaging, fully customizable permission and tier settings, scalability, a scalable relational database, and end-to-end security. The application runs on Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/9x and Linux OSs. Web server support includes Microsoft IIS and Apache. Pricing is $499.95.

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