New & Improved - 27 Aug 2008

Virtualization Management: Embotics Announces V-Commander 2.0
IT pros who deploy virtualization solutions often find themselves managing the virtual sprawl that ensues. To assist in that task, Embotics’ V-Commander 2.0 provides lifecycle and administrative management for VMs. The updated software offers enhanced reporting capabilities (including custom reports), improved policy options, and streamlined deployment and configuration. For more information, contact Embotics at 613-599-0494 or go to

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Diagnose SharePoint Application Errors
To help SharePoint administrators manage and troubleshoot their environments, AVIcode introduced the AVIcode SharePoint 2007 Application Management Pack, which lets Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 detect problems related to custom Share- Point applications and ensure that the server and connected components are operating properly. The management pack analyzes the root cause of application errors and correlates them with key performance counters, providing a diagnostic view of SharePoint application behavior and enabling rapid problem resolution. For more information, contact AVIcode at 443-543-0030 or visit

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Archive to the Cloud
Nowhere is Software as a Service (SaaS) as readily accepted as it is in the area of email archiving. To the SaaS email solutions it’s been offering since 1998, LiveOffice has added LiveOffice Mail Archive. This service provides email archiving to businesses of all sizes that need the benefits of archiving and e-discovery but don’t have the resources for a robust in-house solution. Mail Archive can help IT staff reduce storage costs, minimize Help desk calls, and eliminate the need for PSTs. The service is available for a flat monthly rate of $8 per mailbox. For more information, contact LiveOffice at 800-251-3863 or go to

Compass Platform Incorporates IPsec
Expand Networks’ Compass platform now integrates standards-based IPsec on all IP traffic. One of the strongest encryption solutions available, IPsec ensures data integrity and authentication between offices. Integrating IPsec into Compass lets Expand Networks offer complete VPN data protection. Compass supports Advanced Encryption Standard-128 (AES-128), AES-191, and AES-256 encryption standards. For more information, contact Expand Networks at 888-892-1250 or go to

Seanodes Unveils Exanodes Virtual Machine Edition
Server storage virtualization vendor Seanodes has announced Exanodes Virtual Machine (VM) Edition, a new product that lets IT pros consolidate OS and application storage onto a virtual SAN. VM Edition integrates with existing server virtualization solutions and can leverage virtualization technology to convert DAS into NAS. Exanodes VM Edition starts at $500 per terabyte and is available now. To learn more, contact Seanodes at 866-580-5515 or visit

Large Software Updates PC Tune-Up
Large Software’s PC Tune-Up software is now compatible with the latest Windows service packs, Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3. PC Tune-Up provides system and registry scanning, backup, and repair; registry defragmentation; and optimization tools to clean and speed up clogged or sluggish PCs. For more information, contact Large Software at 619-990-3830 or visit

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Image Editing Tool Becomes Freeware
SibCode has released Sib Icon Editor 4.0, an image editing tool that inhabits the niche between Paint and Adobe Photoshop. The new version is offered under a freeware license. Sib Icon supports 16- and 256-color images and provides alphachannel support for 32-bit graphics to create images with no jagged edges. Tools for smoothing, inverting, and colorizing images are also available, in addition to the typical pen, spray, brush, and bucket tools. Icon Editor can save images in .ico, .icpr, .bmp, .jpeg, and .png formats and can convert Mac icons into Windows format. To learn more, contact SibCode at [email protected] or visit

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Protect IIS from Attack
The latest version of Privacyware’s ThreatSentry, a web application firewall and intrusion-prevention solution for Microsoft IIS, bumps up protection against SQL-injection, cross-site–scripting, and other types of web application and database attacks. ThreatSentry detects and blocks known and new attacks, as well as unwanted web application traffic. The product also aids compliance with Section 6.6 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. For more information, contact Privacyware at 732-212-8110 or visit

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Open-E Announces VMware Certification
Storage management software provider Open-E has announced that its Data Storage Server (DSS) IP-storage OS has been certified to work with VMware ESX Server 3.5. According to Open-E, DSS is an “all-inone, fourth generation operating system software solution for centralized IP-storage management, combining full NAS and iSCSI SAN functionality.” For more information, call 770-881-7680 or visit

The Complete Guide to Windows Server 2008
Continuing its Microsoft Technology Series, Addison-Wesley Professional plans to release The Complete Guide to Windows Server 2008 by the end of September. Author and Windows IT Pro contributing editor John Savill covers Server 2008 deployment planning, implementation, and management and highlights the OS’s new features, including Server Core and Hyper-V. Based on the Server 2008 final release code, the book devotes an entire chapter to troubleshooting Server 2008 and Windows Vista environments; a “how to” index helps readers locate answers to commonly asked questions. The Complete Guide to Windows Server 2008 can be pre-ordered at and other major bookstores.

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