New & Improved - 21 Nov 2008

Recover All Essential Files
How often have you had a user accidentally delete a file that couldn’t be recovered? Windows’ Recycle Bin and backup systems can’t protect files such as those deleted from network shares or from the command line or that are too large to fit into the Recycle Bin. Traditional file recovery products can recover only deleted files that are in free space and haven’t been overwritten.

Diskeeper’s Undelete 2009 retains all deleted files regardless of how they were deleted. The product sends all deleted files to a separate recovery bin and keeps them for the specified length of time. “The principal functionality of Undelete is to recover a deleted file. It’s essentially a program that captures deleted files and changes them to a move request,” said Michael Materie, director of product management for Diskeeper. “Undelete allows you to do things like capture iterations of a Word file or things that become deleted across a network. On a file server, the recycle bin doesn’t actually capture the file—it’s gone.”

A variety of options streamline file removal and recovery. For instance, Undelete can make only certain file types recoverable—or only files from certain folders or computers. Materie said, “The core of the product is capturing and protecting the files. There’s a variety of features that allow you to fine-tune that. Undelete allows you to tailor it to the type of files you want, based on file type, location, etc.”

Prices for Undelete range from $29.95 for Desktop Client Edition to $499.95 for Server Edition. For more information, contact Diskeeper at 818- 771-1600 or visit

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Spam Firewall Protects 100,000 Concurrent Email Users
Barracuda Networks launched the Barracuda Spam Firewall 1000 for ISPs and other large organizations. The new appliance supports as many as 100,000 concurrent email users and 5,000 domains. The 2U form factor includes 200GB of messagelog storage and 750GB of quarantine capacity—the largest quarantine capacity available, according to the vendor. In addition, the product features redundant hot-swap power supplies and dual-gigabit Ethernet ports. You can cluster appliances for scalability and redundancy. The Barracuda Spam Firewall 1000 costs $89,999; subscription to Barracuda Networks’ Energize Update service is $24,299 per year. For more information, contact Barracuda Networks at 888-268-4772 or visit

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Asigra, Consonus Provide Business Continuity Services
Backup and recovery vendor Asigra and IT managed services provider Consonus Technologies have teamed up to offer a Virtual Business Continuity (VBC) service. VBC is a turnkey, pay-as-you-go protection and recovery service for enterprise data and applications. The new offering includes services such as business continuity/disaster recovery consulting, data protection, virtual or dedicated operating-environment recovery, as well as hot-standby computing resources and recovery servers allocated from a VMware infrastructure. VBC currently provides business continuity and disaster recovery for Microsoft Exchange Server and plans to expand services to other applications. For more information, contact Consonus ( at 919-379-8000 or Asigra ( at 416-736- 8111, extension 101.

Diagnose Performance Problems with dynaTrace
dynaTrace Software’s application performance management solution now supports Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007. dynaTrace Diagnostics 2.6 enables MOSS customers to manage performance and service-level fulfillment of MOSS sites, identify slow Web Parts, and diagnose the cause of performance problems in SharePoint applications. The product works with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team System to isolate problems early in the life cycle and enable quick resolution. For more information, contact dynaTrace Software at 781-466-8082 or visit

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