MetaVis Launches SharePoint Content Management Products

If you've implemented SharePoint as a collaboration platform, you likely have a variety of tasks that you know could be simpler but aren't exactly sure how. Fortunately, companies are springing up all over with a variety of SharePoint management add-ons to fit your specific needs. Case in point: MetaVis, a brand new company, has just launched with two new SharePoint products: MetaVis ARCHITECT and MetaVis CLASSIFIER.

MetaVis ARCHITECT: Essentially, ARCHITECT provides a visual representation of your SharePoint infrastructure that looks like a flowchart. You can click on any files in your structure through an Explorer-type listing on the left pane, and it will jump to that file's location in the flowchart. You can also modify the hierarchy from within the flowchart, add notes to the chart, modify the sizes and colors of the chart for easier understanding, export it to an .html file to email, or print the chart. I can think of several interesting uses for ARCHITECT just off the top of my head--for companies with an expansive SharePoint hierarchy, this has a lot of applications.

MetaVis CLASSIFIER: CLASSIFIER is a simpler product, which basically lets you go through your SharePoint infrastructure in an Explorer-type view and apply metatags in bulk. In other words, you can highlight five files and tag them as contracts for the XYZ project. Then, you can copy those five files and move them into another folder in the infrastructure. It's just a simple way to manage your files.

To get a sense of what these products can do for you, I recommend watching the demo videos available at Though, while very informative, I recommend an energy drink before viewing, because these videos are pretty dry. In the place of the typical speaker (with whom you can typically hear every smack of the lips, swallow, and throat clearing in gorey detail), these videos use text bubbles that explain each concept. The videos also have a variety of clicking noises reminiscent of the old DOS computer games.

Jokes aside, the MetaVis products seem like valuable SharePoint add-ons. What they lack in glamour they make up for in simplicity and efficiency. I've contacted MetaVis for pricing on the products, and will add it to this post when I hear back. Otherwise, you can contact the vendor through a form on the MetaVis website and I'm sure you'll hear from a representative shortly.

Update: I heard back from MetaVis about pricing. Architect costs $5,500 per seat or $2750 for an annual subscription. Classifier costs $1,500 for the first seat or $750 for an annual subscription.

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